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NeuroHealth Music Therapy, LLC specializes in neurological disorders or injuries and developmental disabilities, with additional experience in dementia care. 

Board Certified Music Therapist, Linda Jedrzejek, brings years of training and expertise to help you live your life to its fullest potential. Learn more about Linda HERE!

Services are provided in Chicago’s western suburbs located in Dupage, Kane and Northwestern Cook counties. 


“I love music therapy! When we have group, I feel like I am defeating Parkinson’s!”

Deborah H.

Movement Disorders Participant, Rush Copley Medical Center

Our Services!

Individual Music Therapy

For individuals in need of extra support to work on therapeutic and functional goals.

Group Music Therapy

Music groups designed for your healthcare facility, residential facility, or community center.

Presentations & Consultations

Learn more about music therapy in interactive presentations and consultations.

Motivate Through Music!

FREE virtual program for individuals with Parkinson’s & their caregivers-families. Courtesy of a Community Grant from the Parkinson’s Foundation!

Now Offering Telehealth Music Therapy!


Did You Know…. You Can Change the Speed of YouTube Videos?

Let's say you want to learn how to play a song on the piano. You search for a video on YouTube and find the perfect tutorial....only the video goes so fast, it's hard to keep up. Or you're learning songs for the Motivate Through Music Program for Parkinson's clients...

Music and the Brain: A Powerful Partnership – Part 1

“I love music therapy! When we have our group, I feel like I am defeating Parkinson’s!” - Deborah H. Music is enjoyable. Music is fun. Music can bring us to tears or make us feel great. But why is music therapeutic? Music is an effective treatment for neurological...

I’m Speaking Loud Enough, Why Can’t People Hear Me?

Think you’re speaking in a loud voice and yet, your significant other is constantly asking you to repeat yourself or talk louder? Are you feeling more isolated in group settings because people can’t seem to hear you? If you have Parkinson's disease or a similar type...

Telehealth – The New Frontier

We're live!  Facebook Live, that is.  Since we can't be with our clients in person, we're doing our best to bring music therapy to you.  In addition to Facebook Live events, we're now offering Telehealth options for music therapy. This can take the form of...

Old MacDonald – With a Twist!

Old MacDonald is a classic!  In music therapy sessions, we use it to address many different goals.  Just a few include: Animal Identification Sound imitation or emerging vocalization Opportunity for choices Turn taking Fine motor skills - pointing The SoundTouch app...



What People Are Saying

Music Therapy is like getting a dopamine fix! I leave sessions feeling great. 


Participant in Parkinson's Music Therapy Group

“I arrange my schedule so I can co-treat with our music therapist.  Collaborating with Miss Linda and Miss Amanda is great.  They’re open to our goals and supporting PT during their sessions.  Students do more because they love music therapy! “

Julie S.

Physical Therapist, C.A.S.E.

Thanks again for being so fabulous today!  I am so impressed with all of your talent and instruments that you brought to wellness House! The kids could not stop talking about all of the instruments and other materials that you brought.  Even the staff throughout our organization was commenting on how wonderful the music sounded that morning. Thank you for helping our camp get off to an amazing start.  I am so glad that I found you!”

Chelsea C.

Family Matters Program Associate, Wellness House

“I wanted to yell, scream, shout my praises of Linda and her amazing work with some of our kiddos during music therapy.  A few weeks ago, during her session, he was the most engaged and active as I have EVER seen him. He typically has difficulty even grasping an object and he was able to hold on to her musical instruments. He was even hitting his tambourine TO THE BEAT!!! This was so amazing!! He was focused and engaged throughout most of the session. Linda has even helped with our team collaborations on app ideas and classroom tools for him!!  I can see the amazing work she does and she LOVES it!! So just wanted to express my love of Linda and music therapy and how important I feel it is for these kiddos!! Thank you thank you thank you for including music therapy in CASE’s repertoire!!

Beka G.

Physical Therapist, C.A.S.E.

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