Old MacDonald is a classic!  In music therapy sessions, we use it to address many different goals.  Just a few include:

  1. Animal Identification
  2. Sound imitation or emerging vocalization
  3. Opportunity for choices
  4. Turn taking
  5. Fine motor skills – pointing

The SoundTouch app by SoundTouch Interactive is a fun and interactive app that children love.  It can be used on both Apple and Android products.  They have a Lite version that is free and a paid version that is currently $0.99.

Besides being motivating, the app also has a “shake” feature that changes the location of the items. Also, different pictures are shown each time an item is picked…. this helps prevent perseveration on specific items.

 Have fun singing along with the video below.  I wonder what animals are on Old MacDonald’s Farm today?  Feel free to let me know other animals you’d like included next time!!












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